Package & Mail Forwarding from Germany

You will get address in Germany for free. Received shipments up to 30 kg from EU countries will be sent to the USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, Italy, to the United Kingdom or to your country at very low prices by reliable carriers.

What will you get?
  • We setup an address for you in Germany for free.
  • E-mail about delivered shipment.
  • You pay only shipping fee and for the transport charge or postage.
  • Consolidation of shipments.
  • No hidden charges and no surprises.
  • Thanks to regular collaboration with carriers we offer competitive prices.
We establish your delivery
address in following form: GmbH
Your Name, ID ...
Dresdner Str. 9
02763  Zittau, Germany
Set Up a Mailbox

How Does It Work?

After setting up your mailbox you can have deliveries sent to a collection depot in Zittau. Then you will be notified via e-mail about the incoming shipment. In your account select the way of transport, fill in the delivery address and pay services from your deposit.

Service Charges

Charges of mail processing and other services can be found in our Pricelist.

Postage from Germany

The delivery processing fee is increased by transport charge which depends on the size, weight and destination address. Calculation of freight can be carried out in Postage Price List, which was prepared for this purpose.

Shipment Insurance

Claims from insurance are lodged directly against us. First read our advice on the page Shipment Insurance, e. g. how to ask the sender for sufficient packing, how and when to claim the damage or pay attention to. system is protected by copyright under the Act 121/2000 Collections - Copyright Act - as amended.