Tips and Packaging Requirements for Shipments

Do not forget to notify the person responsible for sending, how pack your shipment, if not sufficiently experienced. Before each transport is very important to pack the item undamaged packaging and:

  • ensure protection of the contents of shipments against damage or loss,
  • the package must allow for safe and proper handling during transport and if necessary, provide it adequate and well-visible label handling.
  • Remember that your packages may be on a truck with other items, and may be loaded or unloaded more than once. Certain basic guidelines are provided here to help you ensure that all of your possessions are packed to travel safely.
  • Use only sturdy cartons that can be completely closed. Make sure that all cartons are firmly packed, but not overloaded. Cartons should not rattle or bulge when correctly packed. There should be space between your object and the carton walls to ensure a safe environment.
  • Do not mix hard or heavy items with fragile items in the same container.
  • Pack item in layers, with the heaviest things on the bottom and the lightest on the top.
  • Wrap individual items carefully in paper or cloth and be sure to provide sufficient cushioning to absorb shock.
  • Label each carton in the event pieces get separated. You may also want to write the number of cartons that compose the shipment (e.g., Box 1 of 8).
  • Seal all cartons tightly with plastic gummed tape (duct tape can peel off easily under the rigors of transit). system is protected by copyright under the Act 121/2000 Collections - Copyright Act - as amended.