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Pricelist of Services

Fee for processing a shipmentEUR
Small Package
CD, DVD, T-Shirt, Book, etc. up to 0,5 kg and 2 - 5 cm)
- Max. dimensions: L: 35, W: 25, H (Thickness): 2 [cm]
- Max. dimensions: L: 35, W: 25, H (Thickness): 5 [cm]

Package up to 2 kg
Package up to 5 kg
Package up to 10 kg
Package up to 20 kg
Package up to 30 kg
Customs declaration for shipments outside the EU
For associated shipments each item,
a groupage box and one postage will be charged.

1.25 + postage
2.00 + postage

2.80 + postage
3.90 + postage
6.80 + postage
9.80 + postage
12.30 + postage
1.50 excl. VAT 

Free Storage PeriodEUR
Package up to 5 kg
Package up to 10 kg
Package up to 20 kg
Package up to 30 kg
60 days free
30 days free
20 days free
10 days free
Individual RequirementsEUR
Removal of invoice (for receivers from the EU only)
Photos of items in the shipment (or scan)
Consolidation of Packages Into a Box, Annual consolidation fee: 12.50 EUREUR
XL Groupage Box internal dimensions 78x58x60 cm (weight of the box cca 2,5 kg)
L Groupage Box internal dimensions 60x40x30 cm (extern. vol. 0,07 m3, for shipments up to 28 kg)
M Groupage Box internal dimensions 37x30x44 cm (extern. vol. 0,05 m3, for shipments up to 20 kg)
S Groupage Box internal dimensions 30x21x21 cm (for books, t-shirts, envelopes, etc.)
Bubble Envelope 34x25 cm (for books, t-shirts, envelopes, etc.)
12.50 EUR / year
Methods of payments for servicesEUR
Wire Transfer in Advance (to Commerzbank AG)
OUR transfer, SEPA transfer
SHA transfer

PayPal, Credit Card (express payments from outside the EU)
PayPal, Credit Card (express payments from the billing address in the EU)

Refund on account (from which the amount was paid)

free of charge

+4.98% +0.35 EUR
+1.98% +0.41 EUR


Prices are inclusive of VAT. The refund of the credit must be applied from the user´s e-mail address and a copy of ID card or passport (or other documents to prove identity) must be attached.

You pay for the services from the credit (it is recommended to recharge the credit before expected shipment); credit is refundable; Restrictions on payments via PayPal (or credit card): a shipping address must be the same as the PayPal Confirmed Address. The name on the PayPal account (or credit card) must be the same as the customer´s and receiver´s name. Generally it is recommended to pay by bank transfer if you send goods to an address other than your place of residence.

PayPal: Shipping to a Buyer’s Confirmed Address

An address is confirmed if the buyer’s credit card billing address matches his or her shipping address.

How a Buyer Can Confirm an Address

  • Add a credit card to your PayPal account. PayPal will confirm the credit card billing address (i.e., the address where you receive your credit card statement).

Postage from Germany

We charge postage and processing fee for each shipment. These costs depend on the size, weight and destination address. Calculation of transport costs can be carried out by the price list according postage and shipping costs , which we have have prepared for this purpose.

Calculation Example: Shipping a 20 kg package to Bulgaria

DHL Deutsche Post: 26,66 EUR (postage) + 9,80 EUR (processing fee) = 36,46 EUR Total

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